FOLO x Female Founder

WHEN: 31st July 2024; 18.30h
WHERE: Nordend, Frankfurt
WHO: Female entrepreneurs

We have so many amazing women in Frankfurt creating and designing new companies. Thus, we thought to bring them together and create a space for exchange and development. 

This exciting gathering will take place at a beautiful creative studio of “This is Early” and “Caros Blumen” in Nordend, Frankfurt. 

The location will provide a perfect backdrop for inspiration and collaboration. The event aims to celebrate and support female entrepreneurship by offering an evening for networking, sharing experiences, and fostering new ideas. 

Participants will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded women, gain insights from successful founders, and explore potential collaborations. 

Join us in Frankfurt for some food by the amazing catering of kismet and contribute to the thriving ecosystem of female-led businesses in Frankfurt. 

Whether you are an established entrepreneur,  just starting out, working in the VC field or generally interested in entrepreneurship, this event is designed to inspire, support, and start your journey. 

The exact location will be send to you after purchasing the ticket.

€ 59.00 EUR

price includes food, drinks (wine, water & alcohol free drink) and FOLO fee (3€) + tax.


Käsespätzle w/ small salad

Palatschinken w/ ice cream

Water & Tegernseer & Wine

€ 59.00 EUR
Once booked, you will receive full address and info via mail.

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