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What makes a FOLO HOST?

Are you passionate about your city, adept at tracking down the hottest parties, and eager to share your beloved hangouts?

If you're someone who thrives on planning events that bring people together, and you possess an innate talent for creating connections, then you're the ideal candidate for orchestrating memorable experiences that highlight the best your city has to offer. Your enthusiasm and local insights will undoubtedly make you a standout choice to curate events and foster meaningful connections among people.

Discovering, exploring, recommending and connecting are all things that excite us and we’ve simplified them with FOLO. We lead people to insider tips and offer the possibility for spontaneous meetings with new friends.

The role of a FOLO Host is truly exceptional. As a host, you take the responsibility of orchestrating FOLO events, engaging with the community, and nurturing its growth.

You embody the essence of FOLO, playing a vital role in bringing people together. By actively following our mission to connect individuals, you become the heartbeat of FOLO, fostering relationships and building a vibrant community.

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